Is Hypnosis One of the Viable Anxiety Relief Remedies?

Determining if certain treatments are viable anxiety relief remedies depends in part on the individual. What works for one might not work for someone else. This goes for hypnosis or any other treatment. It’s best to know yourself and try different remedies until you find the one that’s right for you and your specific needs.

Anxiety can be triggered by stress but stress is also one aspect of anxiety. In some cases, if you treat the stress the anxiety will disappear. If the anxiety is coming from other issues, then they will have to be resolved for you to benefit from anxiety relief remedies.

If you have an underlying condition, like agoraphobia, treating the anxiety might not resolve your problem. Another existing condition that will affect how well anxiety relief remedies work is your level of confidence and self esteem or if you suffer with depression.

Once you get those underlying issues resolved, you will be in a better position to work on your anxiety relief.

Chances are, your doctor will recommend an anxiety medication to keep you calm, but that doesn’t get to the root cause. As many anxiety sufferers have discovered, once the medication stops, the anxiety returns.

Using a combination of anxiety relief remedies is the best approach.

  • Use relaxation to ease the stress build-up caused by your everyday living
  • Practice self hypnosis to put yourself into a different mindset
  • Seek help from someone who offers cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

Relaxation: This is best done in a quiet room where you feel safe and comfortable and will not be interrupted for at least 10 minutes. Lie on a comfy couch or lie back in your recliner and close your eyes. Focus on your body, find all the tense muscles and relax them. Start at your toes and work up to your head. Once you are relaxed, rest and enjoy it.

Self hypnosis: After getting into a relaxed state as above, turn your attention to pleasant things. When stressful thoughts enter your mind, force them out and only allow quiet and peaceful images to enter. Think about all the positive elements in your vision, how comfortable you feel, how wonderful everything is in your fantasy world. Imagine yourself doing the things you fear in a positive and confident way. See yourself taking that trip, making that speech, or entering that situation with ease and self-assuredness.

CBT: This is something you will have to get from a trained expert. You cannot do this one yourself. CBT is an anxiety relief remedy that teaches you how to change your behavior in a positive way. It is proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety, panic and phobias.

While medications and talk therapy can help to some degree, they are not necessarily a cure because they might not resolve the underlying problems. The three methods explained are all viable anxiety relief remedies that can help you to recover once and for all.

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