How To Use Hypnosis As An Anxiety Relief Remedy

You can hire a hypnotist or you can hypnotise yourself. I’ve done it and you can too, if you are serious about finding an anxiety relief remedy that works when you want it to.

Find some relaxing music. If you don’t have any, there are a lot of great CDs around. Choose something you enjoy that also calms you. For me, it is Hawaiian instrumental music. I find it extremely relaxing, plus it enables me to easily conjure up images of those luscious islands, blue skies and sandy beaches.

Turn on the music, then find a comfortable and quite place to do the exercise. This can be in your easy chair, lying on your bed or even lying on the floor next to the music so that it fills your head. This last option is my favorite because I can also feel the music coming through the floor. It works kind of like a mini-massage.

Put your attention on the music, the instruments, the various tones and lilts in the music. Think of nothing else but what you are hearing from the CD. When I do this, with my head on the floor between the speakers, I reach such a relaxed state that I feel I’m lifting off the floor. It’s quite amazing.

As you can imagine, with all that music and rhythm flowing through my body, it’s pretty much impossible to feel anxious.

Next, focus on whatever causes your anxiety. If you don’t know exactly what that is, then think about the anxiety itself. Put it into perspective as it relates to your good days. Visualize yourself floating out of the anxious state and into total calmness.

For me, this meant imagining my beach blanket floating up into the air and sweeping smoothly around the island in front of me. I feel safe and comfortable as I drift on the breeze and listen to the birds, the rustling leaves and the waves.

Practice this type of exercise yourself until you reach that point where your body feels light. Feel it drift on the air on a magic carpet. Believe that you can achieve this level of peace whenever you please. Prove it by doing this exercise every single day.

Eventually, you will have created your own auto-suggestion. Whenever you feel anxiety coming on, you can switch on the suggestion that is filled with calm images and thoughts.

This anxiety relief remedy worked for me many years ago, and although I no longer need it, I do enjoy using it just to escape stress and information overload. It works wonders!