Use Hypnosis as an Easy Anxiety Relief Remedy

That’s right. Hypnosis can give you anxiety relief and you don’t even need a therapist. Self hypnosis is a way to relax your mind and focus on something other than your anxiety.

The trick is to know what things make you anxious. For some people, this is easy, but for others their anxiety is more vague – an odd sensation that creeps over them for no apparent reason. I know what that feels like. Mine were like that.

But there were times when I could identify the source. Often, it was because I was stressed about something – fearful, even. Being unsure of how I would deal with the situation, I became panic-stricken instead. Then, one day my therapist introduced me to hypnosis.

He ran me through it a few times and recommended a book on self hypnosis. I’d give you its name, but I no longer have it, but any self hypnosis book will tell you how to do it.

It’s simply a matter of sitting back, getting into a relaxed state in a location where you will not be interrupted but you feel perfectly safe and comfortable.

Focus your attention on some wonderful vision – perhaps it’s your own garden or your favorite travel destination. Pay attention to what you see – the beauty, the positive energy, the calmness. Smell the air, feel the sand under your feet and the sun on your face. Listen to the wind blowing through the trees.

Next, imagine you are doing the one thing that made you fearful, but see yourself going through it with confidence and success.

Practice this exercise whenever you feel stressed or when anxiety begins to creep in. Before long, you will be able to control your feelings by simply taking a break, relaxing and going into your vision.

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