Wild Divine – The Ultimate Relaxation Technique using Biofeedback Therapy

Learn to relax using the scientifically proven relaxation technique called biofeedback therapy. Using this beautifully designed audio-visual program, you will travel gracefully down exotic paths that take you to the ancient keys to relaxation. At each phase, you will learn a different relaxation technique that will put your body, mind and spirit into alignment.

The music alone will relax you. Developed by some of the most creative musicians from around the world, you will enjoy the sounds of the flute, cello and resonant voices as you travel the path.

This is an absolutely beautiful program that contains all the elements you need to enjoy learning how to relax. The visuals stimulate your senses while the soothing music calms your mind, bringing you almost immediate stress reduction.

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Discover yourself. Take The Journey To Wild Divine!

Review of Wild Divine

By Sylvia Dickens

This incredible product is not an ebook but a well-designed audio-visual presentation involving various exercises that will teach you how to relax and enjoy inner peace. It is based on an old concept of biofeedback therapy and involves concentrating your energies to achieve complete refreshing and rejuvenating relaxation.

What is Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback was introduced in the late 1960s when scientists discovered a way for research subjects to alter their brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and other bodily functions that normally cannot be controlled voluntarily. Scientists thought that one day biofeedback would give us control over our behavior, thoughts and feelings which are proven to influence physical health.

Biofeedback Therapy picks up the electrical energy in the muscles of the human body. By attaching a small, painless electrode to your finger, you learn how to control your body’s as tension and anxiety. You simply follow the instructions on the screen and focus on the exercises. The program “reads” the feedback your body is sending and changes the visuals to match your responses. For example, in one exercise, you are asked to watch an evolving figure as its energy center moves through the body. You make this happen by concentrating on relaxing your muscles.

As you relax, each image will slow down or change in some way. When the action in the visual is moving too fast or too high, you make internal adjustments which alter the electrical energy your body is transmitting.

What is Wild Divine?

Wild Divine is an audio-visual program that uses Biofeedback Therapy to help you learn how to control your body’s response to stress and tension. Produced by highly creative graphics design experts and biofeedback professionals, Wild Divine provides a pleasant way to learn to relax.

Glide gracefully from scene to scene after you complete each exercise. Watch the relaxing images change as you learn at each stage how to control you body’s muscle energy and achieve relaxation. While you travel through each scene, the instrumental music will further enhance your experience. Your stress and tension will quickly begin to dissolve from the moment you step foot onto the path that sweeps you into the program.

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Who is Deepak Chopra?

Part of the journey is hosted by Deepak Chopra – a practicing endocrinologist who, since early 1980, has succeeded in influencing the traditional medical profession with his exploration of mind/body medicine and holistic medicine. He developed a concept called Quantum Healing, a healing process that looks past tranquilizers and sleeping pills and on to a natural way of healing by integrating the mind and body.

He brought together the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. In 1985, he established a Centre of Stress Management and Behavioral Medicine in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Today, Deepak Chopra is recognized worldwide as a leading proponent of this innovative combination of Eastern and Western healing.

The Program

Wild Divine will teach you how to relax your mind and your body through biofeedback therapy. Along the journey, you will enjoy the “game” that you will experience throughout the program.

This is an experience you will enjoy, but you might well enjoy the results even more.

As someone who has experienced the underlying effects of stress and tension, I highly recommend this program. From the moment you start on this journey you will feel the results. The music is what I would call “heavenly” and this helps set the mood for what’s to come.

If you’ve been looking for natural anxiety relief and stress reduction, you will enjoy what this amazing program has to offer, from its wonderful visuals to the relaxing music to the insightful messages on the secrets of a body in harmony.

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