How To Stop An Anxiety Attack With Biofeedback Exercises

I can tell you exactly how to stop an anxiety attack. One method that works amazingly well for me is distraction. The instant an attack strikes, I can stop it simply by getting angry at it. In other words, I fight back. I refuse to accept it into my body and my life.

The fact that this really works might astound you, but believe me, it does. I’ve used it lots of times with great results.

Sometimes, the anger is directed at myself for being so weak and letting something so ridiculous put me in such a defensive state. In other areas of my life, I fight back. I defend my position, my opinions. People have pressured me, but soon backed down because I will not simply sit back and let them control me.

But when it came to anxiety attacks, things were different. And then one day, I regained my confidence and took a similar stand there as well.

When the attack was not imminent, I discovered ways to stay relaxed, to control my feelings and my thinking. Biofeedback was just one tool that is very useful.

Here’s how it works. You attach these painless little electrodes to your finger which are attached to your computer and from there, to a biofeedback exercise program. The images that appear in the program can be manipulated by you, simply by controlling your thinking and your body’s reactions.

That program is called Wild Divine. It’s a lot of fun. Go see!