Why Visualization Is One Of The Best Panic Attack Remedies

I’ve tried the obvious panic attack remedies – namely, professional therapy and medication. The problem is that when the sessions finally ended two years later, I was not totally cured. I still hand lingering discomfort related to anxiety and panic.

The fear that an attack could strike at any moment didn’t help. That’s when I did a lot of reading on visualization and relaxation remedies. The first time I tried relaxation, I had help from a psychiatrist who taught me how to perform self-hypnosis. I talk about this method in another post.

It was just the beginning.

Using the methods detailed in some of those books, I learned how to lie quietly, listen to soothing music (Hawaiian instrumental worked best for me), and visualize something that pleased me – a scene that was extremely welcoming and stress-free.

My visualization came in the form of a magic carpet that was carried up onto the breeze, circled a tropical island just off shore, and returned to the beach. All the while, I could hear the birds, the waves – and the music in the background. It was quite amazing. I actually felt myself drifting up off the floor.

Relaxation – along with visualization – is a fantastic tool to relieve stress, which is at the root of the majority of panic attacks.

When we feel inadequate and overwhelmed, we develop stress. If we do not relieve that stress, we become agitated. We are constantly tense and worried. It stands to reason that our bodies cannot stand that kind of pressure indefinitely. Something has to snap.

And it does, through panic attacks.

Relaxation with visualization calm the body and the mind. It’s difficult to explain exactly how great this works until you try it.

Back in the 70s I think it was, people discovered visualization and how to use it to get into a certain frame of mind. They also learned about something called biofeedback.

I recall going to our local fair and experiencing biofeedback. It was interesting to see how I can affect the monitor simply by changing my thinking and relaxing my body.

Shortly afterwards, I added it to my other effective panic attack remedies.

This program, Wild Divine, teaches you exactly how to do that for maximum results. You can read my review here, where I explain how it works it more detail. What I liked about this program is that it’s actually fun to do. You’ll see when you click through to find out more.