Try This Effective Remedy for Anxiety Attacks That I Just Discovered

Since anxiety and stress are related, it makes sense to focus on relieving any stress that you are undergoing. If you don’t think you are under stress, read on.

With all the things you have to deal with every day and every month, you can be sure you have the right conditions for an anxiety attack. Stress is part of everyday life for all of us. For some of us, it results in anxiety while the lucky ones seem to escape that fate.

Still, there are things you can do, as I recently discovered.

You might have heard of herbal teas and how they can benefit you. Some claim to be remedies for anxiety attacks. Well, actually what they really claimed is that they relax you.

Years ago, I tried them and didn’t enjoy the taste at all. Only one came close to being palatable, and that had a strawberry flavor. As I said, that was a very long time ago.

The other day I went shopping for an optional warm drink that is not caffeinated. I was getting too much buzz off coffee – palpitations mostly. It’s not a good feeling. As you know, when you have experienced anxiety, you always think these random symptoms are related.

Anyway, I realized it was the coffee because they came immediately after lunch and my huge mug of delicious Folgers.

When I noticed the herbal teas again, I recalled how distasteful they were before. I hesitated. But then I decided that mint tea might be nice.

I purchased a variety box of herbal teas so that if I didn’t like one, maybe I’d be lucky and enjoy some of the others.

The first one I tried was Mint Medley. Hm. Sounded like it had potential since mint is supposed to ease your stomach. So I pulled out my one-cup glass teapot, dropped in a bag and poured boiling water over it. About 5 minutes later, I returned and poured a cup.

It did smell good, so I took a sip. Hm. Sugar will help (I love sugar). I took another sip, decided it was an acceptable taste and headed to my LazyBoy. After I finished the drink, I relaxed for a few seconds and before I knew it, I was rousing from a deep and wonderfully refreshing nap. My body and mind were relaxed and I just felt good overall.

Had I discovered the perfect remedy for anxiety attacks – because my palpitations had triggered a few mild ones?

Nah. Probably just a coincidence. I was probably just tired.

A few days later, I reached into the box, pulled out a different mint tea and followed the same procedure as before.

Be darned if I wasn’t rousing from a deep and wonderful nap awhile later. It felt fabulous and I decided there definitely is something to this herbal tea myth.

If you want a natural anxiety remedy to relieve your stress as well as any impending anxiety attacks, try herbal teas. Based on my experiment, I’d recommend looking for one of the boxes of mixed herbal teas. Mine has other flavors besides mint.

Make yourself a cup next time you have an anxiety attack coming on or feel stressed and see how much better you feel.

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