Study Shows Panic Attacks Can Cause Heart Attacks, Strokes

After all the insistence from mental health researchers and others that panic attacks won’t kill you, a new study seems to indicate otherwise.

The study of 3,000 women between the ages of 51 to 85 has revealed that those who have experienced a panic attack had three times the chance of having a heart attack or stroke within the 6 years following the attack.

This is alarming news, since we’ve all been led to believe that there’s no cause for concern.

Study organizers say that the risk is still relatively small, but this doesn’t help to alleviate the fears that all panic attack sufferers endure with each attack.

It’s interesting to note that the study points out that there is an even higher risk for women who are post-menopausal, in other words, women who have gone through menopause are at an even higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke following a panic attack that occurred in the previous six years.

This puts women in even more jeopardy because it’s already proven that women are at higher risk than men of having panic attacks.

The study points out that it only requires one panic attack to start the ball in motion. Apparently, the stress hormones that are released because of the panic attack can damage the heart rhythm. Any damage can worsen over time when that ongoing stress continues.

It’s imperative, therefore, that if you suffer from panic attacks, the sooner you find a cure, the better.

There is a specific path you can take.

1. Start with your medical doctor to see if there are any potential underlying conditions that can be causing your panic attacks. Once any are identified and treated, you can focus on treating the panic attacks themselves.

2. If your medical doctor writes you a prescription to ease your symptoms, insist that you get a referral to a therapist who can help you determine the cause of your panic and how to alleviate your attacks. It’s already proven that medications alone will not cure your panic. A combination of talk therapy and drug treatment offer the best cure.

3. If your first therapist or doctor doesn’t provide you with immediate access to the services and treatments that will help you, seek a second opinion. As with any association, we have different personalities and don’t get along with everyone. It’s the same with therapists. It doesn’t mean they are bad therapists. It just means that it’s not the right match.

These results send a clear message – don’t wait to seek help. This means that you should go directly to those who are in the best position to help you. While forums, friends and companions offer excellent support and the perfect environment for airing your concerns, the advice given is often of little value when it comes to treating and curing your panic disorder.

Panic Disorder is a serious condition that needs immediate treatment.

There are programs available to help you. The Linden Method uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is the same type of treatment that an effective therapist will use to alleviate your anxiety and panic attacks.