Panic Away Review

Like many anxiety sufferers, you are here because you are desperate to find a cure or know someone who needs help with their anxiety attacks and panic disorder. You might have heard of Panic Away and are wondering “What does Panic Away do? How can it help me?”

Panic Away provides a very simple technique that stops your panic instantly. This technique is called the One Move™.

The concept behind this method is to teach you how to redirect your focus elsewhere, rather than on the fear of having an anxiety attack.

The One Move™ seems similar to the Pavlovian dog experiments. In case you aren’t familiar with them, they were studies conducted on dogs to retrain their responses to certain stimuli. By applying discomfort (mild electric shock) if the dog made the wrong choice, researchers were able to get the animal to make the desired choice.

Panic Away doesn’t use discomfort or pain, but it does cause you to change direction, mentally. With Panic Away, when the fear begins, you take specific moves that force your mind to change direction. By persistently applying this technique, you cure your anxiety.

To be perfectly honest, I cannot claim to have experienced its effectiveness because by the time I discovered Panic Away, I had already recovered from my anxiety disorder. In fact, when I first read about his technique I began to doubt it’s effectiveness.

Until I took the time to review my own recovery process.

What I can tell you now is that when I was going through the recovery stage, I did implement similar techniques to stop my anxiety. It wasn’t the One Move™ specifically, but its concepts that worked for me in the past.

For this reason, I can honestly say that Panic Away offers a viable solution to your anxiety and panic disorder. Of course, everyone is different so the results can vary.

Panic Away author Joe Barry also covers other important factors including nutritional information that will help to combat stress, a very real component of anxiety. Poor nutrition leaves your body lacking the essential elements that help your brain to work effectively. (Please refer to my Mind & Body page for more details.)

Joe also discusses the value of medications and whether or not you need to add them. Although there is evidence that medications are not a cure, they can be very helpful for people who need some relief from their symptoms in order for any treatment to be successful.

Lastly, he includes a mini health lesson on how the human body works and how it can sometimes go astray.

The details covered in Panic Away are enlightening. They help you to understand how you got where you are today, what anxiety is all about, and what you need to do to break away from the fear/anxiety cycle.

The key to relieving your anxiety with Panic Away is to follow the instructions and apply the technique exactly as explained.

Panic Away is a compact 60-page ebook that teaches you how to stop a panic attack quickly. The steps he teaches also provide a way for you to build a defense against future attacks.

I like that Panic Away is written by someone who has experienced the same fears and anxiety responses that we have. It was easy for me to identify with what he was saying… Unlike some other products I’ve seen where it’s apparent that the author hasn’t been there and really doesn’t relate to the issues anxiety sufferers face.

Joe encourages you, letting you know you can be cured, your confidence can be restored, and your life can return to normal. His approach puts you into the mindset that recovery is really possible.

I have written a more extensive review on my other anxiety site. If you’d like to read it, please go here.

Or go directly to the Panic Away site.