Panic Attack Treatments: Do You Really Need Them?

You could go it alone, but you don’t have to when there are some quality panic attack treatments around. How do I know this? Because I suffered with panic and anxiety disorder for years.

For me, recovery began with my therapist who sat and listened to my lengthy sagas about my most recent feelings and fears. My file was immense two years later when we parted ways.

Oh, I wasn’t cured, exactly. He just decided that he couldn’t really help me much more than what he had, with the medications and talk therapy. That’s when I realized I’d have to go the rest of the way myself.

Today, I can barely recall what I did, but I can assure you it was directly linked to learning how to relax and become more confident in myself and my abilities. That was only part of the solution, however. While extremely helpful, the thing that helped me the most was learning how to control the fears that welled up every time panic hit.

It’s not easy to explain, because it seemed like one day I just knew how to turn it off. I just did it. I sensed the fear and did a quick evaluation of the situation (what was happening, why and what I needed to do to stop it). By switching my thinking, I succeeded.

From then on, turning off the anxiety and panic was easy. Just like turning off a switch in my mind. It was quite amazing, actually. Once I’d learned how to do that, I felt wonderful. At that moment, I knew that I never had to succumb to a panic attack again.

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