Anxiety Help – When To Look For A Therapist

For the most part, you don’t really need anxiety help from anyone because the problem is not out there. It is in your thinking.

That’s hard to believe for many people, but I discovered after 5 years of anxiety that it’s true.

Back then, all I could focus on was the anxiety, that there was a problem, and that only someone else could fix it, like a therapist or God.

When it first struck, I was overwhelmed as you were. What the heck was happening and what would be the outcome? Would I collapse? Would I pass out? Would I die? This pattern of thinking continued with each attack. But it didn’t stop there. I imagined all sorts, and even began seeing things.

Upturned trees were huge threatening animals. Garbage bags at the side of the road were dead animals. It was awful. But even that wasn’t the end. I eventually felt like I was going to lose control. This was especially scary because the first time it hit, I was driving my car approaching a bridge. I was convinced I’d smash into it and die.

That’s when I sought help, but you probably shouldn’t wait this long. Only you can determine exactly when is a good time to seek a therapist, but here are a few clues.

1. Does your anxiety attack only occur now and then? If so, you probably do not need a therapist.

2. Do you obsess about your anxiety? Again, you probably don’t need one unless it has a severe effect on your life – at work, at home, with your family or in your sleep.

3. Are you constantly stressed and tense? If so, you should talk to your family doctor at least. He or she can determine how serious are your attacks and whether or not to refer you to a therapist.

4. If you truly feel you need a therapist, then by all means find one.

Once you have made your choice, do give your therapist a few visits before making a decision. It’s not unlike finding a family doctor. You want one who understands you, who listens, who offers valuable input, and who makes you feel comfortable – someone you get along with easily.

Barring the therapist route, there are many excellent programs around to help you. Take a look under the Sylvia Recommends tab at the top of this blog for ones that I have reviewed and recommend.

In the meantime, look around the blog for more tips.