Why Do You Have Anxiety Disorder?

I bet you’ve asked yourself that question over and over, yet you still have no idea why you have anxiety disorder.

As a former anxiety sufferer, I can tell you that in all likelihood, you are too obsessed with the disorder to find the solution. That’s what happened to me. I spent hours studying every sensation, every emotion, every strange twinge and every weird feeling that passed through my body and mind. I was sure I was going to lose control over my actions.

Perhaps I shouldn’t confess this to you, but at one point, I was afraid I would lose control and throw myself off the balcony. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t suicidal, but what I soon discovered was that the medications were not right for me.

After that, I was afraid to take my anxiety medication. Besides, they tended to dull my senses – and my brain – leaving me in a state of numbness that made it difficult for me to do my job.

Shortly after, I discovered the true cause of my anxiety disorder.

That was in the mid-1980s. I’ve only had one major episode since then and that was the end of my anxiety disorder. Today, I know when stress is getting to me because I’ve learned to recognize the early signs of anxiety. This enables me to put a stop to them right away before they become actual anxiety attacks or worse, panic attacks.

While searching for material to help you with your anxiety questions and concerns, I just came across this video. It gives a good overview of how you developed and continue to enforce your anxiety. Boy, does that part sound familiar.

Go ahead and click the video. It runs about 13 minutes and is full of really good information that will help you understand your anxiety disorder a little better.

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