Struggling to Discover What Cures Anxiety?

If you’re struggling to find out what cures anxiety, remember that you do have the ability to fight it. You must be persistent in thinking about what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

Constantly reminding yourself that anxiety exists in your life will only trigger more of it. Here’s something to consider.

If you are expecting a visit from a long-lost friend next month, for the 3 weeks prior to the visit, you will be excited. All you can think about is your friend visiting. The more you think about it, the more you… think about it.

It’s the same with anxiety. Thinking about it brings more of the same.

Starting today, remove all references to “anxiety” from your vocabulary. Refuse to use it. Refuse to think about it. Instead, focus on what it is like not having to worry about it, not having those feelings and fears.

One method that has worked extremely well for me in the past is to meditate and visualize life in a relaxed state, experience your calm and comfortable body. When you are awake, repeat to yourself: “I am calm, comfortable and confident. I handle all challenges with ease. In fact, I welcome them.”

As you can see, there is no reference to being anxious or tense. Repeat it rhythmically in your mind as you walk. You’ll be surprised how it will make you feel as you focus on what you’re saying. Before long, it will become your reality.

Spend the rest of your time building your confidence. Face your challenges with this affirmation in your mind. Believe that you are confident. Overcome small challenges first. With each accomplishment, your confidence will build. As you grow into your confidence, move on to tougher challenges and you will soon see a significant change in your life.

This cures anxiety if you make serious and dedicated use of it.