Self Confidence Exercises To Help Cure Anxiety

Anxiety and low self confidence tend to go hand in hand. Who knows which comes first? The important thing is that you can do something about it right now by giving yourself  a self confidence quiz. Begin with this quick  self-evaluation.

1. Find out what you are good at. You might need to reach back into the archives to find the answers, even to your elementary school grade reports. That’s what I did. I forgot that I was so good at writing and art. As soon as I started doing them again, I had found the perfect escape from my anxiety.

2. Decide which you would still like to do, especially if they are things you are no longer doing today. As our lives mature, we tend to drop the very things that made us happy, whether it’s playing sports, being active, studying our favourite topics, or helping someone.

Maybe you just like learning. I know I do, but I didn’t do much in school. I was depressed, sad, lacked confidence and self esteem, and felt unwanted and unaccepted. It was tough. We moved every year so making friends was difficult for this shy girl.

When I was struggling with my anxiety and panic attacks, I delved into my school records and began learning again. I took night courses. I watched all the educational shows that related to topics that interested me. Soaps and other time-wasting shows held little interest for me. Except MASH. I loved that show.

The more time I put into studying, the less time I had to be anxious or to think about my lack of self confidence. In actuality, I became anxious for a different reason. I was anxious to get my marked lessons back because I was getting such high marks. I loved the praise and that boosted my confidence levels like you would not believe.

3. Try hypnosis to relax and build confidence. This is another method that worked extremely well for me. By going into a relaxed state and envisioning myself doing successful things, I felt wonderful.

If you want to know how to build self confidence, go here and download a free self confidence quiz.