Living With Anxiety – If you’ve given up, read this

Which category fits you? Are you living with anxiety because you have not yet found a cure for your anxiety or have you given up looking and have settled for just coping? Most people fit into either of these groups.


With all the anxiety cures available, it can be overwhelming. Add that to the chaos of having regular anxiety attacks and it’s not surprising that so many people will settle for something less.


It’s disturbing to read books written by anxiety-sufferers who are submitted to their condition. They have determined that their anxiety will never go away. Living with anxiety is the only thing left, so they will just have to do that as best they can.


Consider for a moment the effect this will have on their quality of life. For most people, giving up is not an option. They are determined to find out what’s wrong so they can fix it.


Are you like those authors who have decided that they have run out of options? Have you decided that there is no cure for your anxiety so you might as well figure out how to live with it? Will you be happy with that decision?


There are always answers. You just have to find the right one for you. Living with anxiety is not the best solution, especially when there is a more permanent cure waiting for you.


Your answer might lie in who you are. At some point in your past, you have learned to respond to life’s issues with anxiety. It might have happened in your childhood or as recently as a month ago. The key is to change that learned response and replace it with a calmer approach.


Do you tend to blow things out of proportion or worry over the simplest things? If so, putting things into perspective is a good place to start. Use your logical brain, rather than your emotions, when anxiety-ridden events arise.


Let’s take spending as an event that triggers your anxiety. Most likely, you become anxious because deep down, you know you can’t afford this item or perhaps you’re worried how your spouse will react to your purchase. This spiral of worry and anxiety will resolve nothing. Turn your attention to why it’s so important to you that your spouse might get upset. Decide whether it really matters and exactly what it means to you.


By examining your typical anxiety events, you will see that your concerns and upset are unnecessary. Practice this each time you feel anxious. Decide that giving up is not the right solution for you and that a better one does exist.


Finding a cure for anxiety is a far better option that just living with anxiety.

As a former anxiety-sufferer myself, I highly recommend the Linden Method. It is produced by a man who is much like us… he has suffered with anxiety and panic for many years. I’ve look at this product and can safely say that it holds the information you can use to recover from anxiety once and for all.