How To Stop A Panic Attack With Exercise

Want to know how to stop a panic attack? Exercise.

Probably the last thing you want to do when you’re having a panic attack is exercise. You’re more likely to want to hide out somewhere that feels familiar and safe.

The fact is, when you are having a panic attack, your body WANTS to do something physical. It is geared up for running.

Your heart is pumping extra blood throughout your body and into your muscles. Your body is tight, which translates into strength. If you were escaping a dangerous situation, you would use your muscles and power to succeed.

This is exactly why you should give your body what it wants. It wants to use up the adrenalin that fear has produced. It wants to save itself from the danger.

When you have a panic attack, the danger is not so obvious as a bear chasing you, but the fear is no less real. So put yourself in that frame of mind next time you have a panic attack and have a plan to “escape” – through exercise.

This is easy to do if you have an exercycle in your home, or a treadmill. If not, you can jog, dig in your garden or anything else that uses up adrenalin and energy.

When you’re done, your attack will be gone. Then, you will be in a more relaxed state so that you can see what happened from a calmer state.

Try it. It can’t hurt. But you should know, it worked for me.