More Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety When Money Is An Issue

Are you struggling to cope with anxiety because of money issues? You certainly are not alone. Millions of people worldwide worry about their financial situations.

For people who have anxiety disorder, this can be especially troublesome.

Fortunately, there is something you can do right now. By taking control of your finances, you will ease your anxiety. And it’s not really all that difficult. I know, because I’ve been where you are.

Here’s what I did, and continue to do, since shortly after starting work at the age of 16.

1. Stash money.

That’s right. As soon as I got paid, I took some out and stashed it. But I didn’t just put it in the bank. I found various places to hide it, both inside and outside of financial institutions. I had several bank accounts in different banks, all with just a few hundred dollars or whatever I could afford.

I purposely bought wallets and handbags with lots of compartments. One favorite hiding place was in a wallet that had a separate hidden zippered compartment that I didn’t even know was there for about 6 months. It was easy, therefore, to forget about that little hideaway.

I hid it in jewelry boxes, in old handbags, in pockets of clothes I seldom wore, and anywhere else I could think of. It wasn’t much. Just $50 here and there.

2. Don’t touch your savings.

This is difficult for many people, but if you can delay at least, chances are you’ll find another source of money. It frequently happened for me, and still does today. I’d try to think of where else I can get money. I’d find other ways of making a bit here and there. This is where your stashes come into play. Those days when you suddenly find yourself in a money crunch, ‘borrow’ only what you need from one of your hideaways. As soon as you can, put it back, and even a little more. Call it a penalty, or interest.

These strategies might not be helpful when you are in a bad situation unless you start them early. So start. Next time you need a bit of extra cash, you’ll have it handy.

This does several things.

– It puts control in your hands, very important when you suffer with anxiety
– It provides you with a constant escape when things are tough

Finally, try to come up with your own personal ways of making money, apart from any job you might currently have. For me, it was a part time job. The extra cash went into a savings account for a rainy day – and there were many over the years.

More recently since I retired, it’s been to write books to sell on the internet. I also promote affiliate products and make a commission. As long as I keep marketing, I will have some money coming in.

I hope this post has helped you to figure out how to cope with anxiety, and in particular, to gain control in a small way.

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